Enhance my Site
Enhance my Site

Enhance my Site


You have a website, but it could use a little TLC...

  • Do your customers/clients struggle to find what they are looking for or follow the process through to checkout? 
  • Are you having to take extra steps and time to clarify order details?
  • Do you need to Marie-Kondo your products and services to get organized and poised for growth?

Let's chat! Together, we'll focus on enhancing your biggest priority areas, such as: 

  • User-Friendly Functionality
    • Simplify and clarify site navigation, from selection to checkout
    • Enhance site content, add or remove relevant information
    • Review and update email automation and content
    • Review and update reporting details and order notifications
    • Enhance site design to match branding look and feel
  • Product/Service Strategy
    • Holistic understanding your offerings and how to best position them for customers and clients
    • Organization of offerings by defining variants, pricing, themes, tags, and categories
    • Set up product add-ons or upgrade options at checkout
    • Consistency of images and branding
    • Gallery page of all products/services with searchable filters
    • Additional Site Features
      • Event Calendar & Registration
      • Customer/Client Testimonials
      • Product-Specific Reviews
      • Announcement pages, banners or pop-ups
      • Sales and discounts
      • Gift Cards with automatic email delivery
      • Instagram image slider
    • Social Sync-Up
      • Sync products/services with your business social media accounts to drive more traffic to your site
      • Facebook Shop integration
      • Instagram Shop integration
      • Pinterest Integration
      • Tagging products in social media posts to link back to product page
    • Resources & Training
      • 2 free follow up check-ins
      • Shared workspace for documents, photos and templates
      • Step-by-step instruction guides
      • Branded "Launch Template" (to post when we launch!)
      • Organized master file of products/services
        • Backup copy of site
        • Previous website download for reference


      Is this package is right for you? Let's Chat!

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      Kadi Baker

      "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
      - Eleanor Roosevelt

      As a former corporate leader turned creative entrepreneur and mom of two littles, Kadi understands the importance of creating a life (and business) you love... and just how hard it can be!

      Create with Kadi provides branding, website and social media solutions specifically for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.

      From ecommerce shops to brick-and-mortar studios, Kadi has a passion for supporting makers, designers and creatives of ALL kinds by taking the "online stuff" off your plate so you can focus on growing your business in other ways.

      No matter where you are on your biz journey, it's a great time to enhance your online presence. Team up with Kadi today to create something awesome together!


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